Leila Bordreuil: an interview

Originally from Aix-en-Provence in the south of France, Leila Bordreuil moved to the USA to study at Bard College and now lives in Brooklyn. She will play twice at Third Edition on Friday 9th February — a duo with double bass player Zach Rowden and as part of a larger ensemble performing new works by Sean McCann.  Bordreuil will also give a talk about her work at KMH at 2pm earlier the same day. We met in NYC in January and switched on the recorder whilst talking about Eliane Radigue and Leila’s recent, fraught experience interviewing the legendary composer.

Photo of Leila Bordreuil playing cello
Leila Bordreuil. Photo © Peter Gannushkin / downtownmusic.net

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Rashad Becker & Okkyung Lee

Okkyung Lee & Rashad Becker
Okkyung Lee & Rashad Becker. Photo © Micke Keysendal

Okkyung Lee — cello
Rashad Becker — electronics

Recorded 20 February 2016 at Fylkingen during First Edition by Daniel M Karlsson. Mixed by John Chantler.