Fourth Edition — 2019

Annea Lockwood • Catherine Lamb & Johnny Chang • Sarah Hennies • Anthony Braxton Octet • Tri-Centric Project Ensemble • Cara Tolmie & Stine Janvin • Oren Ambarchi & Crys Cole • Kassel Jaeger • Leif Elggren • Susana Santos Silva • Sofia Jernberg • Elsa Bergman • Finn Loxbo • Lisa Ullén  Erik Carlsson • Isak Hedtjärn • Ville Bromander • Mattias Stahl • Johan Arrias • Kyoko Kitamura Carl Testa Tomeka Reid Erica Dicker Dan Peck Ingrid Laubrock • Jean Cook Miriam Overlach Jacqueline Kerrod Anna Lindal • Elsbeth Bergh • Johan Moir • My Hellgren • Henrik Olsson • Jonny Axelsson • Kristoffer Linder


Four days of ‘other’ music in Stockholm at MDT, Eric Ericssonhallen and Fylkingen with performances by Anthony Braxton’s ZIM Music Octet and a 16 person strong Tri-Centric Project Ensemble playing his music, concert works and an installation by Annea Lockwood, the full live ensemble version of Sarah Hennies experimental documentary/music work ‘Contralto’ and concerts by Catherine Lamb & Johnny Chang‘s Viola Torros project, Oren Ambarchi & Crys Cole, Kassel Jaeger and a specially commissioned collaboration between Cara Tolmie and Stine Janvin at Stadsbiblioteket. The festival will close this year with a ‘Gender of Sound’ listening set on the Sunday afternoon led by Cara Tolmie and featuring performances by Sarah Hennies and Leif Elggren.

Concert Schedule

Thursday 7.2.19
Cat Lamb & Johnny Chang + Sarah Hennies

Friday 8.2.19
Braxton Octet + Tri-Centric Foundation Ensemble

Saturday 9.2.19
Cara Tolmie & Stine Janvin + Annea Lockwood + Kassel Jaeger + Oren Ambarchi & Crys Cole

Sunday 10.2.19
Gender of Sound — Listening Set #4: Sarah Hennies & Leif Elggren


Friday 8.2.19
François J Bonnet @ KMH
Annea Lockwood & Crys Cole @ MDT


Please email John[a] to arrange complimentary tickets for carers/support people.

Presented in collaboration with Fylkingen, Audiorama and the Tri-Centric Foundation with support from Musikverket, Stockholm Stad, Stockholms Lan, Kulturrådet and Nordiskkulturfond.

We will also hold three ‘Satellite Editions’ in Göteborg, Malmö and Copenhagen. Dates and info here.

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Notes on Other Music.
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