Thursday 9 February 2017


Mazen Kerbaj ‘One Year’ Exhibition Opening + Solo Performance.


Mazen Kerbaj — One Year
One Year, Installation View

For the book Un An – Journal d’Une Année Comme les Autres (One Year – Diary of a Year Like the Others), Mazen Kerbaj challenged himself to expose his life in a collection of 382 drawings executed on a cheap diary, day by day, for the whole of 2012, using a variety of mediums (e.g. ink, watercolour, charcoal, etc.). Some of the illustrations are satirical and touching, inspired by his life in Beirut or his travels abroad, while others are simple chromatic ‘games’ of illustrations on the verge of abstraction. When he recounts his life, he is never self-indulgent, and the result is a picture book with a pop philosophy that is not only a self-portrait of Kerbaj, but also an examination of a range of contemporary issues.

At Fylkingen, the 382 drawings will be gathered in one big installation, giving the viewer an opportunity to grab the whole year at the first eye contact with the work, and then to delve into it randomly and create their own flow of reading – and thus their own story.

Mazen Kerbaj Instagram

Mazen Kerbaj’s appearance at Second Edition has been made possible with the support of the Goethe Institut, Schweden.