Export Edition: Copenhagen — 16.3.18

The Edition Festival heads to the new Alice venue in Copenhagen for a one-night ‘Export Edition’ on 16 March 2018 with performances by Ellen Arkbro, Skogen and the trio of John Chantler, Steve Noble and Seymour Wright.

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Photograph of Ellen Arkbro
Ellen Arkbro

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Leila Bordreuil: an interview

Originally from Aix-en-Provence in the south of France, Leila Bordreuil moved to the USA to study at Bard College and now lives in Brooklyn. She will play twice at Third Edition on Friday 9th February — a duo with double bass player Zach Rowden and as part of a larger ensemble performing new works by Sean McCann.  Bordreuil will also give a talk about her work at KMH at 2pm earlier the same day. We met in NYC in January and switched on the recorder whilst talking about Eliane Radigue and Leila’s recent, fraught experience interviewing the legendary composer.

Photo of Leila Bordreuil playing cello
Leila Bordreuil. Photo © Peter Gannushkin / downtownmusic.net

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Terre Thaemlitz: an interview

In conjunction with the screening of ‘Deproduction‘ at Third Edition, Frida Sandström joined Terre Thaemlitz for a conversation over email, on the art industry, on the biographical and on the question of when a speech act becomes a performance.

(Svensk översättning finns — scrolla ner)

Still from 'Deproduction' by Terre Thaemlitz
Still from ‘Deproduction’ by Terre Thaemlitz

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Daichi Yoshikawa: an interview

Daichi Yoshikawa plays the Third Edition Festival for Other Music in a duo with French saxophonist Jean Luc Guionnet on Saturday 10 February 2018.

I first met Daichi Yoshikawa when we were both working together at Cafe OTO in London. After living in London for several years he moved to Berlin before finally returning to Japan to live in October 2017.  We met up in Tokyo in early November.

Daichi Yoshikawa performing at De La Warr Pavilion, England.
Daichi Yoshikawa. Photo © Fabio Lugaro

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Terre Thaemlitz ▸ Deproduction (Svensk översättning)

“Det är bråttom. Vi får skippa förspelet. För några av er kommer det att innebära en spänd stämning av misstro, men försök ändå att ta in dessa två följande premisser.

För det första är det oetiskt att skaffa barn.

För det andra är demokrati en omöjlighet så länge det finns familjer.”

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