flora yin-wong

Flora Yin Wong is an experimental artist and writer from London whose work incorporates field recordings and early instruments such as singing bowls, yangqin and kemence, processed through pedals, Max/MSP, together with text-based storytelling and abstraction. She cites early musical influences from the city’s diverse sub-cultures from UK garage to underground DIY bands, having grown up on council estates in Camden, to underage clubbing in Soho and Mayfair.

In October 2020, she released Holy Palm — her first record for Modern Love. Prior to that, she released on Berlin label PAN on the ambient ‘mono no aware’ compilation which she worked on conceptualising. In 2023 she launched her record label Doyenne based around the concept of the ‘divine feminine’. Her second album Cold Reading was released in 2023 by Modern Love, and her multi-channel composition for INA GRM will be released as part of their Portraits series of split LPs in 2024.

Sunday 25.2.24

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